Hydraulic Power Unit


Power Unit
  • Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic
  • For tooling and mobile hydraulic
  • Flow Range Up to 45 LPM
  • Top tank & suction filter included
NRP series Power Package
  • Energy saving
    Power consumption: 50W (*1) (approx. 95% down)
  • Low noise
    57 dB(A) during operation
    Zero noise during stop
  • Low heat output
    Oil temperature is room temperature + 7°C (*1)
  • Compact
    35% smaller footprint compared to our standard unit
  • When accumulator is installed (OPTION)
    →Pressure is maintained even when it’s stopped
    to improve energy saving
*1. These values are measured in machining center of our factory. They depend on the hydraulic circuit and the size and number of hydraulic cylinders installed on the machine.
  • A hydraulic power unit that offers optimal compactness, high pressure and high flow for drive sources  for stamping presses
  • It uses an AC servo motor to optimally control the movement of the pump and realize large energy savings.
    Power consumption is reduced by 80% as compared with NACHI-Fujikoshi’s standard hydraulic units
  • space-saving
    Installation space is reduced 60% as compared with NACHI-Fujikoshi’s standard hydraulic units
  • low heat-generating
    A low heat-generating design that keeps the rise of oil temperature to room temperature +10°C (Oil tank 60L 21MPa while maintaining pressure)
  • low noiz
    The operating sound when maintaining the pressure at 21MPa is 60dB(A).


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